Focused on creative endeavors and strategic planning is the creation of Josh Hjemvick. Josh is an accomplished strategist focusing on progressive and forward thinking public policy, aggressive labor advocacy, and aviation safety enhancement.

Rich from personal experiences and connections made over time, Josh is grateful to be of service to others. 

As a successful strategic partner for multiple political campaigns, small to medium sized fundraising and organizing efforts, Josh has helped clients exceed strategic goals. 

Josh holds an undergraduate degree in political science and a graduate degree in strategic communications, with additional graduate level education in aviation safety. Beyond his time as a communication strategist Josh has nearly 7,000 hours of accident and incident free flying experience as an Airline Transport Pilot, and Certified Flight Instructor (Instrument Airplane and Multi-Engine). In addition to his role as an airline pilot, Josh continues to serve as a meteorologist and standards-evaluation officer with the United States Air Force Reserves. 

Currently a first officer based in New York City for a major airline flying the Boeing 757 and 767, Josh loves to travel. He is an active flight instructor and aviation safety consultant covering the full domain of aviation operations, while specializing in environmental and meteorological hazard identification and risk mitigation.



Josh is a dedicated trade unionist, having served extensively throughout the Air Line Pilot’s Association, Intl.

With a decade and a half of trade union experience and advocacy, Josh is engaged across the trade union community, making connections across industries, building relationships and working with other union leaders to advance the interests and stability of working families across the United States.


With Jason Carter (center) and Cynthia Bennett (right), GA-D candidates to Governor and State Senate, respectively.