Service before self

As any Air Force veteran would know, the concept of service before self – as one of three core values of the U.S. Air Force – means putting the greater good of the organization above one’s selfish endeavors. 

Whether it was through dumb luck or an early example, some of Josh’s peers during his time on active duty with the United States Air Force encouraged him to be their advocate and representative for junior enlisted colleagues on the Airmen’s Council. As a conduit for concerns and issues, Josh began his involvement in civic organizations with a focus on productive problem solving.

Ultimately, Josh’s passion led him to pursuing an education in political science. Over time he realized an opportunity to improve upon his political science education with a graduate degree in strategic communication and has successfully married the two subject areas to effectively help others achieve targeted policy, advocacy, or fundraising goals.

He is happy to consult and help you or your team achieve strategic successes using emerging techniques and communication tools. 


The United States of America succeeds when all of its citizens are able to reach their full potential. Removing barriers to political participation must be achieved or the very notion of democracy in the U.S. is in jeopardy.


Marginalized voices need amplification from allies who are willing to help. Putting others before yourself and helping provide a platform for others to succeed can drive positive societal change.






The working class in America must have access to legal bargaining and workplace protections. Corporate America has successfully reduced union membership over the past 60 years. It is time to regain, and grow, the collective strength of the working class.